TV Shows We Cover

When you love TV as much as we do here at Hollywood News Daily, you’re bound to be interested in the latest news, recaps, spoilers, and casting, right? Here’s a list of our favorite shows to report on. Click the links to read more. Enjoy!

Currently Running:

American Crime Story

American Horror Story

Bates Motel

Big Bang Theory

Dancing With The Stars

Days Of Our Lives


Fear The Walking Dead

Fuller House

Game of Thrones

Girl Meets World

Grey’s Anatomy

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Orange Is The New Black


Pretty Little Liars



Stranger Things

Teen Mom

The Bachelor

This Is Us

True Detective

Vampire Diaries

The Walking Dead

Wayward Pines

Young and The Restless

Former Favorites:

Boy Meets World


The Following

Full House


How I Met Your Mother

Nurse Jackie

One Tree Hill


Sons of Anarchy

True Blood



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