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Hollywood News Daily is dedicated to bringing it’s readers the most up to date and best entertainment news online. We’ll provide unique insight in to the top entertainment news stories, and strive to always keep you wanting more.

Our writers include:

Amanda Lynne — Amanda is the editor of Hollywood News Daily, and a real pop culture junkie. Whether it’s news about the latest celebrity couples, TV spoilers, or recent movies, she’ll dish the dirt on it all.

Joanna Sue — Joanna Sue is the associate editor of Hollywood News Daily, and the website’s resident music gal. She loves everything entertainment and will bring you the best news on the web.

Casey Rae — Casey is a contributor at HND, and is a TV junkie. She loves to write about the latest television episodes, and is a huge Vampire Diaries, Days of Our Lives, and Bates Motel fan.

Joshua Dale — Josh is a HND contributor who loves to scour the web. If a celebrity tweets something, Instagrams a hot photo, or updates their Facebook status, he’s on it.

Logan James — Logan is a contributing writer at Hollywood News Daily, and our local sports nut. He loves sports and athletes, and realizes they’re celebrities in their own right.

Trevor Jose — Trevor is a contributor at HND and loves young Hollywood. He’ll dish on all the hottest young celebrities from Miley Cyrus to Justin Bieber.

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