Marie Osmond’s Changing Looks: Is She Going Too Far?

marie osmond plastic surgery rumors

Marie Osmond has recently undergone some major transformations when it comes to her appearance. The 58-year-old only female sibling of the Osmond family appears to be happy with regaining her youthful appearance of years gone by. According to the National Enquirer Marie Osmond has been going under the knife and needle very frequently these days. In fact, some fans believe that she looks to be a mere shell of herself these days.

 Marie Osmond, who has openly struggled throughout her life with weight issues is the spokeswoman of Nutra System. Now that the “Paper Roses” hit maker appears to have her weight issues under control she is allegedly infatuated with her looks. The NE spoke with plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn about Marie’s changing appearance. Youn, who states that Osmond has never been a patient of his, reveals the procedures that he believes Marie has undergone in the past several months.

Dr. Youn reveals that based on Marie Osmond‘s current appearance that she looks to have undergone a full facelift procedure as well as numerous filler procedures. He states that Marie’s artificially arched eyebrows look as if Osmond had botox injected into her forehead to smooth out wrinkles along with an upper and lower eyelid lid.

The singer’s lips and cheeks are also now plumper, allegedly pointing to injections and fillers as well as a nose job. Youn believes that Marie’s quest for youth has gone too far and now appears to have taken away from her natural beauty. The celebrity plastic surgery addiction craze is striking younger and younger celebrities that are going under the knife and risking their lives for no reason.

While Marie Osmond is by far not the only celebrity battling Father Time, many fans believe that she should slow down a bit, embrace the aging process and enjoy life as is before she ends up another name on the celebrity list of plastic surgery procedures gone too far.

What do you think about celebrities overdoing the cosmetic surgery procedures, should they take the risk, or just age gracefully as life intended?

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