Jerry Lewis shocker, comic has homeless daughter

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Late comedian Jerry Lewis has shocked fans once again. It has recently been revealed that Jerry Lewis had yet another child he has totally disregarded. According to the National Enquirer Jerry Lewis had another daughter, and like his sons with his first wife Patty, she has also been left out of the $75 million estate.

Jerry Lewis disowned five sons and daughter

Jerry was described as a very difficult man and when he set something in his mind there was no changing it. Lewis passed away last August at the age of 91 leaving his entire fortune to his wife SanDee and adopted daughter Danielle.

Much to the shock and heartbreak of Lewis’ other children, Jerry chose to ignore their existence in his life leaving them nothing. Last November it was reported by Blasting News that Jerry’s first wife Patty was facing eviction from the nursing home where she resides after funds to pay for her residency were suddenly cut off after Jerry’s death.

Jerry Lewis’ cruel treatment of his first family


News of Jerry’s unknown daughter Suzan Minoret began to circulate after Jerry’s son, Gary Lewis agreed to take a DNA test after hearing about the possibility of having another sibling.

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The test results reveal an 88.7 percent chance that Suzan and Gary are in fact half-siblings. Suzan is now telling her story, revealing that she has been living on the streets of Philadephia. She describes living through each day, despite the winter weather by wearing layers of plastic bags as protection from the elements.

Suzan also reveals that her mother, a former fashion model named Lynn Dixon had an affair with Jerry Lewis.  Revealing that she was accidentally
conceived in a room at the Copacabana Night Club in New York.  Minoret also claims that after finding out from her mother at age 24  who her father was she made a point to meet Jerry. She claims they spent a day together getting to know each other and bonding.

However, the next day when she attempted to contact Lewis she was told by his manager to never contact him again. She stated she was heartbroken, and even tried to see Jerry Lewis when he was in the hospital before his death, but was turned away.

Suzan now claims that she and her stepbrothers have decided to challenge Lewis’ will. They have high hopes of getting the will thrown out and claiming their part of Lewis estate. Jerry Lewis’ estate is just one of many in the long list of celebrities whose family members are contesting the deceased’s estates.

What are your thoughts on Jerry Lewis‘ treatment of his children, and his ex-wife of 36 years, do they have a  right to part of his estate?

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