‘Glee’ Star Mark Salling Dead: Commits Suicide After Prison Deal

mark salling dead from suicide

Former “Glee” star Mark Salling is dead. The 35-year-old actor reportedly committed suicide this week after months of backlash from his child pornography charges.

According to TMZ, police have confirmed that Mark Salling, who played the beloved character of Puck on the hit show “Glee,” has died. It has not yet been revealed how his death came about, but sources claim that the actor may have hanged himself.

Salling’s body was found near a riverbed in Sunland, where he lived. Mark, 35, was awaiting sentencing after he pled guilty to possession of child pornography last year. The actor had taken a plea deal and was expected to serve 4-7 years in prison for his crimes. However, the judge told Mark that he may still end up serving the maximum sentence of 20 years.


Back in August, TMZ reported the Mark Salling had cut his wrists in a shocking suicide attempt. However, the actor’s lawyers denied the allegations.

Mark is the second “Glee” cast member to shock fans with an untimely death. Salling’s former co-star, Cory Monteith passed away on July 13, 2013 from a drug overdose. The show was still in production at this point. The series dealt with the death of Cory’s character, Finn, with a heartbreaking memorial as fans grieved the loss.

Mark Salling’s character was beloved on the show as well. However, the child pornography charges were shocking to fans who followed the actor’s career. Despite the heinous crimes he plead guilty to, fans are still sending their love and well wishes to the actor’s family, and grieving the loss of Salling’s life.

This story is still developing…

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