Will & Grace Revival Spoilers: Original Series Finale Will Be Ignored

Will & Grace revival spoilers: Original series finale will be ignored.

Will & Grace fans have finally gotten the answer to one of the biggest questions about the upcoming revival. The show’s creators are revealing exactly how the show will go forward following the heartbreaking and emotional series finale of the original show.

According to TVLine, Will & Grace is planning to completely ignore the entire sad series finale, in which Will and Grace lose touch with one another as they branch off in their own lives and start their own families. The series finale sees the pair come together after nearly 20 years apart as they are moving their children into the same dorm in college. However, that will not be the case when the revival returns to NBC this fall.

The show’s creators revealed that the original series finale was a dream, a what could have been moment in the lives of Will and Grace. However, it didn’t really happen. The two will be back living in their apartment with Jack across the hall like in the original show when the revival begins to air.

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However, the characters are said to have moved forward in time since we last saw them. Will and Grace “haven’t been living together the entire time we haven’t seen them,” the creators reveal. “Circumstances bring them back together again.” The co-creators also confirmed that Harry Connick Jr. is set to make an appearance as Grace’s husband Leo in the revival, but that’s all the dish they’ve giving out for now.

What are your thoughts on the latest Will & Grace revival news? Will you watch the show when it returns to NBC this September?

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