‘This Is Us’: New Theory About Jack’s Death Is Heartbreaking

This Is Us spoilers: How does Jack die?

A new heartbreaking theory about Jack’s death on ‘This Is Us’ has been revealed

“This Is Us” fans know that Jack’s death is coming sooner or later, and we’re just not ready for it. Although viewers have seen glimpses at the lives of the Pearson family before and after Jack’s death, the actual event is likely going to be a very hard pill to swallow. To make matters worse, we have no idea how or when it’s coming. However, a new fan theory is gaining momentum, and it may actually prove to be true.

According to Us Weekly, the latest “This Is Us” fan theory about Jack Pearson’s death is a sad one that’s connected to a real-life tragedy. While some of the other fan theories about Miguel murdering Jack, or the Pearson patriarch committing suicide have been dark, this one is heartbreaking.

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Shocking New ‘This Is Us’ Theory Could Be True

The theory reveals that Jack may actually die in an airplane crash on US Air Flight 427. Flight 427 was flying from Chicago to Pittsburgh (The Pearson’s hometown.) in 1994 when it went down while attempting to land at Pittsburgh International Airport. There were sadly no survivors of this crash. The timing seems right with the “This Is Us” storyline, and the setting is also correct.

Previously, a theory that Jack might actually die during the September 11th terrorist attacks was circulating online. However, according to the show Jack dies while his children are teens, meaning it would have to be before 2001. In addition, actor Sterling Brown shot down the 9/11 theory saying, “No. He was in Pittsburgh.” It looks like we’ll have to wait until future episodes to find out for sure.

What are your thoughts on the latest “This Is Us” theory that Jack will die on US Air Flight 427?

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