‘The Walking Dead’: The Worst Couples In The Show’s History

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The worst ‘Walking Dead’ couples of all time

The Walking Dead” isn’t a romantic show. The fear of being eaten alive by the undead pretty much kill the mood in most cases. However, there are times when romance blossoms in the zombie apocalypse. Just look at Glenn and Maggie or Rick and Michonne. Sadly, most of the show’s couples have been just awful, and we’re counting down the worst ones…so far.

1.) Shane and Lori

While Shane and Lori as a couple wouldn’t have been uncomfortable and weird in a normal setting, the fact that Shane left Rick for dead and then proceeded to steal his wife and raise his son is just crossing the line. Of course, Shane did have real feelings for Lori, and they were strong enough that he even planned to kill his best friend to get her. Unfortunately for Shane, things didn’t work out that way and “Walking Dead” fans were forced to watch as Rick killed him. Rick currently raises Lori and Shane’s child, Judith.

2.) Andrea and The Governor

Andrea was never as terrible as when she was pining over The Governor, and trying to get him and Rick’s group to come to a truce. Andrea is basically the reason why she, Milton, and many others died. Her death, while sad in the moment, was almost welcomed by many viewers who had started to find the character annoying and tiresome.

3.) Carol and Ed

Carol wasn’t always the bad ass killing machine she is now. In fact, during Season 1 of “The Walking Dead,” Carol was nothing but a scared, abused, mousy housewife, jumping at the beck and call of her disgustingly violent husband. We’re glad he’s dead…

4.) Rick and Jessie

Although it was nice to see Rick move on after some serious struggles with his past and the death of his wife Lori, Jessie just wasn’t the girl for him. In fact, Rick had to kill Jessie’s abusive husband just to get a shot with her, and when he did, her son, Sam, nearly got Carl killed. Sadly, Jessie and both of her sons died when a heard of walkers got into Alexandria.

5.) Abraham and Sasha

While we love both Abe and Sasha, their characters coming together romantically was out of the blue and a bit weird. The two had never seemingly had any chemistry before the show decided to mush them together in the episodes before Abraham’s death in “The Walking Dead” Season 7 premiere.

6.) Negan and all his wives

Negan is not only super creepy when he carries his bat, Lucille, around with him. He’s also a dictator with many, many wives, all of whom seem scared for their lives, and are basically with him out of fear.

What are your thoughts on the worst “Walking Dead” couples of all time? Who do you think should have made the list? Share this article and leave a comment below.

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