‘The Is Us’ Spoilers: How Does Jack Die?

This Is Us spoilers: How does Jack die?

‘This Is Us’ gives us more details about Jack’s death.

“This Is Us” fans got another glimpse into Jack’s death during this week’s installment. During the episode, Kate is seen attending a weight loss camp where she begins to process and work through the issues that have been haunting her. Of course, her father’s death is high on the list. In a flashback via Kate’s memory, fans see the family at Jack’s funeral, and it is finally revealed that Jack died at a young age, when his children were teenagers.

According to E! Online, “This Is Us” will continue to peel back the layers of Jack’s death, and the impact that it’s having on his wife and children in the present day. Of course, all three of Jack’s children of major issues. Kate is an over-eater, Randall has major anxiety, and Kevin can’t seem to make a real commitment in a relationship. “Of course we don’t know at this point how Jack has passed away, but surely that has affected her into her adulthood and all of the kids,” actress Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate on the show, revealed. This seems to all stem from Jack’s death, but when will we finally get to see the circumstances behind his passing?

This Is Us spoilers: How does Jack die?
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How does Jack die on ‘This Is Us?’ 

Meanwhile, “This Is Us” creator, Dan Fogelman, recently told Entertainment Weekly, that he’s always known when Jack died, but finding out how Jack died is another story. “The how is going to take much longer to reveal. To me, even when you’re watching the pilot, long before you knew Jack may not be in the picture in the present day, this family always felt loving and good but broken. You’ve got kids battling severe issues, whether it be Randall and his anxiety, and Kate with many things of self-confidence and weight, and Kevin has gone off to Los Angeles, and clearly there’s strained relationships with Rebecca,” he said. “There feels like there was a break somewhere, and it always felt to me, as I thought about this family, that something formative happened to them in those prominent late teenage years, when you’re really becoming an adult, and getting boyfriends and girlfriends, and forming as a human being in full.”

“By the end of the season, you’re going to know a lot of the details of the how and the ramifications of it. In terms of the detail of how he died, was it illness? Was it something tragic? Was it something else? You’re not going to know that for a little bit because we want to show that in the show. So that’s going to take a minute,” Fogelman added of the popular “This Is Us” character.

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