‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Finale Spoilers: 5 Things That Could Happen

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‘The Bachelor’ 2017 finale spoilers: What will happen during the show?

“The Bachelor” 2017 finale is finally upon us, and everyone wants to know if Nick Viall will pick Vanessa Grimaldi or Raven Gates as the Season 21 winner. However, the network has promised some big drama, as well as a “Bachelor first” for tonight’s “After The Final Rose” live after-show, and fans want to know what’s going on.

According to Just Jared, there are five big possibilities about what could happen during tonight’s “Bachelor” finale and “After The Final Rose” show. While nothing has been confirmed, any of these possibilities could happen, it is “The Bachelor” after all!

1.) Nick doesn’t propose to either Raven or Vanessa — Nick Viall has proven to be one of the most entertaining “Bachelor” stars in recent history. However, he’s known for being the perpetual heartbroken loser. Will this happen again if Nick decides he just can’t commit to an engagement with either of the women?

2.) The winner rejects his proposal — This goes with with Nick having his heartbroken time after time, and if Nick proposes to one of the women and they say no, it will be yet another shocking heartbreak for Nick. While we don’t really see Raven saying no, rumored winner Vanessa could be another story.

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3.) The proposal happens on ‘After The Final Rose.’ — Whether or not Nick gets engaged on the show could prove to be huge. However, if he doesn’t put a ring on his chosen winner’s finger during “The Bachelor” finale on Monday night, he may very well do it on the “After The Final Rose” live after-show, which would be a first for the franchise.

4.) Nick and the winner get married on live TV! — Could Nick Viall and his winner actually tie the knot on live television during the “After The Final Rose” after-show? The franchise has tried to do it before with no luck, but could this time be different?

5.) Nick Viall dumps the winner and gets back together with the runner-up — This has happened before, but it would still be shocking for Nick to do. “The Bachelor” may be regretting his decision, and could have realized that he chose the wrong woman to propose to!

What do you think the big “Bachelor” finale drama will be? Do you think Nick Viall should choose Vanessa Grimaldi or Raven Gates as the Season 21 winner?

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