Taylor Swift Making Fun Of Kim Kardashian’s Robbery In ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Video?

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Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” video was an ode to all who have wronged Taylor in the past. The singer clearly states that her former reputation is gone, and that the old Taylor “is dead.” The video is a montage of many moments, complete with slithering snakes. However, some Kim Kardashian fans weren’t happy when they believed Swift was making fun of the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star’s Paris robbery last year.

In Taylor Swift‘s “Look What You Made Me Do” video, the singer is seen in a bathtub filled with jewelry, as she makes her fingers into a gun and pulls the trigger. Some fans believed this was a nod to Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery, where her attackers held her at gunpoint, tied her up, put her in the bathtub and stole her jewelry.

According to Hollywood Life sources, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are “fully” expecting “things with Taylor get nasty,” and they are ready for war. Kim has called in her family and her team in hopes of getting advice about the perfect way to “clap back” at Swift.

“Kim and Kanye fully expect things with Taylor to get nasty and they want to be ready. Kim’s called her mom and sisters and everyone on her team to get their advice on how to clap back. She knows the inevitable barrage on social media is going to be intense. The Swift army is already on the attack with the snake emojis but clearly it’s only the beginning.”

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift’s new album, “Reputation” is set to drop on November 10, the anniversary of Kanye West’s mother’s death, which Taylor’s team says held no bearing on choosing the album release date.

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift allegedly making fun of Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery in her music video for “Look What You Made Me Do?” Do you think that is what Taylor was trying to do, or are fans reading too much into the entire situation?

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