‘Shameless’ Season 8 Spoilers: Will Fiona Move Out Of The Gallagher Family Home?

shameless season 8 spoilers: Fiona Gallagher

Shameless Season 8 spoilers have been few and far between, but fans have been speculating about what may be next for the Gallagher family when the new season returns to Showtime. One theory reveals that Fiona may finally move out of the family home and leave her siblings to fend for themselves.

According to the Christian Post, when fans last saw Shameless, Fiona was focused on herself and not her siblings. The oldest Gallagher told her brothers and sister that she was going to live her life and take care of herself for a change, and they were just going to have to deal with it. When Season 8 returns Fiona’s mindset may be much of the same, and she could go as far as to leave her siblings and move out on her own.

However, there is one problem with this Shameless Season 8 theory. The Gallagher house is in Fiona’s name. Although Carl used his street money to pay for the house, Fiona is still legally and financially responsible for the home, which makes it her problem to deal with. If Fiona wanted to leave the house she could sell it to another member of the family like Lip, Ian, or Frank, but then it could jeopardize the family’s home that they have worked so hard to keep all of these years.

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Last year actress Emmy Rossum spoke out about Fiona’s desire to live her own life during Shameless Season 7. The actress stated,  “We’ve seen her fight for Debbie or fight with Debbie. Or fight for Lip or fight with Lip. We’ve never seen her fight for herself. So watching her get inspired by realizing the Sharon Lawrence character who comes in who owns a few blocks in the neighborhood. … That becomes her journey in which could she make something of herself. Can she be a businesswoman? Can she be a real estate woman? What would that be like?”

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Shameless Season 8 will return to Showtime in 2017.

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