‘Scandal’ To End After Upcoming Season 7: What We Need To See In The Final Season

Scandal is ending after Season 7.

“Scandal” is ending after the upcoming Season 7, and fans are not happy about saying goodbye to Olivia Pope and company. However, with the plan in motion to end the show, viewers are confident that Shonda Rhimes won’t let us down, and deliver an ending that will make us happy…right?

According to The Inquisitr, Season 7 of “Scandal” will be the last, and it was Shonda Rhimes who reportedly made the call. Fans know that Shonda has always stated that she knows how the show will end, and it seems that she basically has it mapped out. However, fans want to see some loose ends tied up before we officially say goodbye to the show.

The main things Scandal fans want to see before the show ends it Olivia’s love life settled. While most fans seems to be Team Fitz, others are Team Jake, and Liv needs to choose one for good and keep it that way. Either she and Jake will ride off into the sunset together, or Olivia and Fitz will head to Vermont to start their perfect life together. Either way, handle it, Liv!

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The other main players of the show also need their stories wrapped up. Will Cyrus ever get his life back in order after the trying year he’s had? Can he get his husband and daughter back, and regain some power at the White House? And what about Abby? She doesn’t seem happy with Leo, and many viewers would just as much like to see her back with David before the show’s end.

Of course, there is that little matter of Huck and Quinn. Scandal fans know the two BFFs have had one wild ride, and they could potentially end up together, but she’s engaged to Charlie. Meanwhile, just seeing Huck reunite with his son would be a great ending for that character.

There is so much to think about when it comes to ending “Scandal,” and although fans will dearly miss it in the TGIT lineup, there could always be another Shonda Rhimes gem to replace it.

What are your thoughts on “Scandal” ending after Season 7? What do you want to see happen in the final season?

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