‘Roseanne’ Revival Spoilers: How Will The Show Explain Mark’s Absence?

roseanne revival spoilers: Mark's death

The Roseanne revival is officially happening, and fans couldn’t be more excited about the Conner family returning to TV for a brand new batch of episodes. However, there will be some big plot twists that the show will have to explain.

As previously reported by Hollywood News Daily, Roseanne shocked fans in the original series finale when she revealed that Dan had actually died from his heart attack, Becky had ended up with David, and Darlene was actually with Mark. The leading lady says that she fixed all the things in her life that she felt was wrong, such as Dan dying, and her daughters’ choice in husbands. Now that a revival is coming, the show wouldn’t be the same if it went by the series finale revelations. So, this means that the Roseanne revival is set to ignore the events of the last season, meaning Dan Conner will still be alive and well. However, one cast member sadly is not.

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Actor Glenn Quinn, who played Mark Healy on Roseanne died from a drug overdose back in 2002. The actor, who had also appeared on the television series, Angel, was found dead at a friends home. Mark, the character who was married to Roseanne’s oldest daughter, Becky, will now be absent from the revival, and the series will have to explain where he’s at.

There have been many theories floating around about what Roseanne will do about Mark. The series could kill the character off somehow, or they explain his disappearance in a number of other ways such as he’s deployed in the military, or had run out on Becky. Only time will tell how the show will handle a missing Mark, but for now fans are glad that Dan will be back in action for the revival.

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