‘Roseanne’ Revival Spoilers: How The Show Will Explain Dan’s Death

Roseanne Revival: How the show will explain Dan's death.

The Roseanne TV show revival is starting to come together, and fans have a lot of questions. Viewers are more than excited to see the Conner family back on television, but the original series finale leaves a lot of plot holes to fill in, or does it?

According to the Inquisitr, the Roseanne revival will have some explaining to do when the episodes begin to premiere, at least that is what fans think. The original series ended with Roseanne revealing a lot of details about her life were not what they seemed to be. The leading lady says that she changed details to make them they way she wanted them to be for a book she was writing about her life.

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In the series finale, Roseanne tells viewers that David and Darlene were not actually a couple, instead Darlene was married to Becky’s beau, Mark. This left David to couple up with Becky. However, the sister-swaping wasn’t the only big revelation from the finale. Roseanne also revealed that her sister Jackie was gay and that her husband Dan had died from a heart attack.

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Of course, fans want to know how the Roseanne revival will explain all of the changes made in the series finale, and now we have our answer — it won’t. The revival is reportedly set to ignore all of the events from the series finale. This means that fans will see the Conner family from the series that they were used to, complete with a very much alive Dan Conner, played by John Goodman.

Although there will have to be some changes. Actor Glen Quinn, who played Mark on the show died from a drug overdose, and his absence will have to be explained. Meanwhile, rumor has it that David and Darlene may also be separated, and that Darlene could be a lesbian now. Since Lecy Goranson is reprising her role as Becky, Sarah Chalke, who was recast as Becky in a later season, will have a new role, and some fans believe she could play Darlene’s wife or girlfriend in the revival.

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