‘Prison Break’ Spoilers: How & Why Michael Faked His Death

Prison Break reveals how Michael Scofield is still alive.

Prison Break has finally revealed the how and the why behind Michael Scofield’s fake death. During Tuesday’s all new episode, Lincoln demands answers from his little brother despite the fact that they are running for their lives and trying to get out of the war torn country of Yemen.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Michael explained everything to Lincoln during this week’s Prison Break. Michael tells his brother that a few weeks before he married Sara he was approached by a dirty CIA operative who called himself Poseidon. Poseidon offered everyone their freedom, because Keller’s exoneration wasn’t completely legit, if Michael began to work for him.

Of course, Michael had to say no. He was on the verge of starting a new life with Sara and their unborn child. However, after refusing Poseidon, Sara was incarcerated, which lead to the events of the final episode event, The Final Break. So, Michael was forced to go to work with Poseidon, who sent him around to different prisons in hopes that he would help people important to his cause escape their cells. So, of course, Poseidon faked Michael’s death and erased him from the system.

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“There is no Prison Break without Michael, so when [creator] Paul Scheuring was planning out this fifth season, it was important to create a plausible and exciting reason for how and why he’s still alive,” executive producer Vaun Wilmott revealed. “Placing the prison in the Middle East and having his former ‘death’ be a ruse seemed fitting as the show and Michael’s journey in season 5 was based on the Odyssey. Also, it was important to follow the original intention of the series, recreating the dilemma of one brother in prison, the other one going in to save him.”

As for the identity of Poseidon, it seems that Sara’s husband, Jacob, is the main candidate, but the show loves to throw curve balls at viewers, and anything can happen in the Prison Break world.

What are your thoughts on how the Prison Break revival is playing out so far?

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