May The Fourth Be With You: 8 Ways To Celebrate Star Wars Day

It’s Star Wars Day! May 4th officially marks the pop culture holiday, and fans look forward to it each and every year. This year, there are so many reasons to celebrate May The Fourth Be With You/Star Wars Day. Of course, the news of more movies in the franchise coming is the biggest reason to be excited. So check out our list below on ways you can celebrate the fun holiday.

1.) Watch the movies: This seems like the most basic way to celebrate Star Wars Day. Settle in for a full marathon, or just pick your favorite film from the franchise and relive every awesome moment.

2.) Break out your favorite gear: Wear your favorite Star Wars shirt, or go full on Wookiee in a Chewbacca costume. Either way, wear your nerdy appear loud and proud to celebrate the day.

3.) Host a party: Are your friends and/or family Star Wars nerds as well? Have a party. It may be mid-week, but who cares? Play Star Wars themed games, eat movie-themed food, watch the films and/or television shows and have a blast together.

4.) Make Star Wars themed treats: How about a nice batch of Wookiee cookies, or a cake shaped like the Death Star? Find a recipe online and go for it! Check out these recipes on

5.) Get crafty: Hit up your local craft store and find some Star Wars themed crafts. Build your own Death Star or Millennium Falcon using boxed kits, wood, clay, or Legos!

6.) Share Star Wars with someone who’s never seen it: Introduce your children, significant other, friend, boss, neighbor, or whoever to the franchise that you love.

7.) Play a Star Wars themed game: There are plenty of games to have you feeling the force. Check out Amazon and find one that suits you and your friend group for your next game night.

8.) Honor the late Carrie Fisher: Have a moment of silence or have a toast in honor of your princess. The actress who played Princess Leia sadly passed away in 2016, and honoring her memory on this Star Wars Day would be a fitting tribute to General Organa.

Let us know how you celebrate Star Wars Day in the comments below, and May The Fourth Be With You!

[Featured Image by Wikimedia Commons]

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