Kaley Cuoco Sings Every Word To ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Theme Song On Jimmy Fallon

Kaley Cuoco sings The Big Bang Theory theme song on Jimmy Fallon.

Kaley Cuoco has been starring on “The Big Bang Theory” for 10 seasons now, so it only makes sense that she should know every single word to the famous theme song to the show, right? This week, Kaley appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and showed off her singing chops.

During her interview, Kaley Cuoco revealed to Jimmy Fallon that she and her co-star (and ex-boyfriend) Johnny Galecki love to answer questions from the audience in between filming scenes onĀ “The Big Bang Theory” in front of a live audience. Jimmy loved the idea so much, that he and Kaley decided to do it on “The Tonight Show.”

Kaley was asked by an audience member who the last person she texted way, to which she revealed that her mother had texted her wishing her good luck on the show before she came out for her interview. Then Jimmy Fallon was asked who his most interested guest, besides Justin Timberlake was, and of course he stated that Kaley Cuoco was the best one.

The final question was for Kaley. One audience member wanted to know if she knew all the words to “The Big Bang Theory” theme song, which is performed by The Barenaked Ladies. Kaley thought about it for a minute and then revealed that she actually did know all the words to the tongue twister of a song. So, Jimmy Fallon put her to the test and asked her to sing the famous theme song, which she did perfectly.

Jimmy Fallon and the audience loved Kaley Cuoco’s rendition of “The Big Bang Theory” theme song, and are excited to watch the show to see how Season 10 plays out.

What are your thoughts on Kaley Cuoco nailing every word to “The Big Bang Theory” theme song?

[Featured Image by Andrew Lipovsky/NBC]

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