‘IT’ Trailer Finally Released: Prepare To Be Terrified

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‘IT’ Trailer Finally Released

The first trailer for Stephen King’s “IT” has finally been released, and it’s absolutely terrifying. The movie, which is a remake of the beloved made-for-TV mini series from the 1990’s, is gaining a huge following online, and fans are beyond excited to watch the movie when it drops this fall. Of course, the creepy clown, Pennywise, is the main attraction of the trailer, but he’s kept mostly under wraps in a few small, yet spooky, glimpses.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, fans are already going crazy over the first “IT” trailer, and it’s only the first footage released. Over the coming months, fans are looking forward to more trailers and footage being released, but for now, the internet is exploding over the first look at the film, and of course at the always nightmarish Pennywise, who is being brought back to life by actor Bill Skarsgard.

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Stephen King’s Terrifying Tale Returns To Life

For fans who haven’t read the book, or seen the original 1990’s movie, “IT” centers around the town of Derry, where strange things happen. Children often go missing and parents seem to look the other way. After his younger brother, Georgie, is a victim, Bill and his group of misfit friends try to figure out what is happening in their hometown, and discover a grisly secret in the form for Pennywise.

The “IT” movie is scheduled to hit theaters on September 8, just before fans are ready to celebrate Halloween, and all of the spooky traditions that go along with it. What did you think of the first “IT” trailer?

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