‘Feud’ Season 2 Will Be About Prince Charles And Princess Diana

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‘Feud’ Season 2 will be about Charles and Diana

Feud” Season 1 about Joan Crawford and Bette Davis hasn’t even started airing yet, but Ryan Murphy has already reveled what Season 2 of the FX series will be about. Murphy recently revealed that the sophomore season of the show will detail the rocky relationship of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

According to TV Line, “Feud” Season 2 will be all about the love story that later turned into a dramatic divorce between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. “Feud: Charles and Diana” will debut on FX sometime in 2018, as the network is currently being driven by Ryan Murphy’s shows such as “American Crime Story” and “American Horror Story.” It looks like Murphy just can’t stop churning out hits and the network seems totally fine with it!

The relationship between Charles and Diana has been the subject of many movies, including the made for TV flick, “Charles and Diana: Unhappily Ever After.” The movie put a spotlight on the cracks in their marriage, and the side of Diana that many didn’t get to see.

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Ryan Murphy has fans excited for all of his latest projects

Meanwhile, the Royal Family has yet to speak out about the plans for a Charles and Diana themed Season 2 of “Feud,” and it is unlikely that they will comment on the series at all. Most recently, Netflix released their take on the family by releasing the television show, “Crown,” which follows the rise of Queen Elizabeth to power.

However, the biggest question about the news on Season 2, is casting. Who will play Charles and Diana? Could Sarah Paulson be slipping into another iconic role by portraying Princess Diana? We wouldn’t object to it!

What are your thoughts “Feud” Season 2 being based of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s rocky relationship? Will you watch?


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