Farrah Abrahams: Details of solo adult cam performance revealed

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Farrah Abraham “Teen Mom OG” star is back in the porn business. The freshly re-vaginized Abraham is now working solo on her new webcam sex show on CamSoda.

Farrah Abraham can be seen sporting a barely there bikini. The TMOG star can be seen getting down and dirty with herself.  If that is not bad enough, she also uses with the help of a vibrator according to Radar Online reports. During the webcam sex show, Farrah strips down showing all her newly remodeled goodies to her anxious viewers. The 26-year-old mother of daughter Sophia, 8, is described by the site as to be doing some pretty dirty things on the CamSoda webcam tease promo all in the name of money.

Farrah Abraham knows sex sells

Following Farrah’s brief sex show teaser, she is then seen on camera asking viewers who wanted to see more to pay the $23 fee (or 200 tokens, which ever the viewer decided to use as currency) for the full show. So far Farrah Abraham’s sex cam show has received a 78 percent thumbs up rating. Now we know in 2013, and 2014 Farrah starred in back-back adult films which brought her in allegedly over one million in cash, so she knows there is money to be made in this business.

The sad part is that Farrah does not appear to take into consideration as to what type of example she is setting for her already money hungry and spoiled daughter Sophia. At such a young age Sophia is already doing many things meant for people much older than herself, all with Farrah’s approval. The young girl owns and has say in her own clothing boutique, has several social media accounts that she is far too young to registered for.

Will Farrah’s choices hurt Sophia?

Farrah Abraham allows her to wear more makeup than most 20-something women and has permitted her to stop going to regular school so she can focus on her career. In the celebrity world it is always best to strike while the iron is still hot, so it understandable that Farrah Abraham would want to use her fame and success to pad her bank account.

However, there is and has been a lot of concern raised for Sophia and how all of her mother’s career choices and decisions will end up affecting her in the long run. Many celebrity news followers believe that this will most likely not fare well for Sophia a few years down the road, she will either turn out just like mom or, be scarred for life.

We have a feeling we are going to be hearing a lot (more than usual) about Farrah Abraham‘s daughter Sophia in the upcoming years. What are your thoughts on Farrah Abraham’s new sex cam webcam show? Is she once again only thinking about herself?

[Featured Image via Farrah Abraham/Twitter]

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