Evidence Elvis Presley Is Alive, could Elvis really be alive in 2017?

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Elvis Presley died on August 16th, 1977 according to news reports from forty years ago. Since that sad day millions of dedicated Elvis fans have continued to question the circumstances, and the ever changing details surrounding Presley’s death. This subject, and all Presley family news continues to remain a hot topic of interest for fans.

What really happened to Elvis?

According to a Facebook page titled Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive, Elvis lives in 2017! The page states to have first-hand knowledge and actual fact backing evidence that Elvis and has been living his life undercover for four decades.  The page also reveals that on the day Elvis “allegedly” died he was seen by several people getting on a helicopter  that was hovering over Graceland just minutes before Presley’s body was  taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Facebook page gives Elvis Presley fans something to consider.

They also believe that Presley will soon be coming out publicly to the world.  On that day he will reveal all the details of he faking his death  in order to protect the Presley family from serious death threats made against them. The page claims that the King has also been giving the world hints all along that he is alive, and these so-called Elvis sightings over the years have been accurate.

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The King’s life was not as it seems.

Post after post on the page states what thousands believe to be some very convincing evidence, and that things are not as they seemed at all in the world of Elvis Presley. At least not the world that has been revealed to his fans so far.


For instance, the EEPIA page claims Elvis is not the sole survivor of a set of twins born to his parents. Instead, he is one of triplets that all survived.  Two brothers, Jesse Garon, and Clayton given up for adoption. The reason behind this triplet separation, Presley’s parents  could not afford to raise three children. There are also alleged photos of the Presley triplets through various stages of their lives on the page.

They also believe that Elvis is alive and preaching the word of God as Preacher Bob Joyce. There are numerous YouTube videos of a white-haired man, who, resembles what Elvis could look like today. Joyce also sounds very much like the King when he speaks and sings. Nothing at this time has been officially confirmed. What is for certain is that fans believe the information is very interesting as far as Elvis Presley life and death theories go. This is a page all Elvis Presley fans may enjoy looking over.

Imagine, if this information turns out to be accurate and Elvis Presley  Really  did fake his death! This would be one of the most incredible stories in history.  So, Elvis fans what are your thoughts on this subject?  Do you believe that Elvis Presley is alive?  Or, is this just wishful thinking by fans who refuse to believe the King is gone?

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