‘Downton Abbey’ Movie Happening? ‘There Is Still Potential’

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‘Downton Abbey’ movie in the works?

“Downton Abbey” may have ended in March of 2016, but fans still love the show as much as ever. In fact, fans are hoping for a revival, reunion, or a movie in the near future. While nothing has been confirmed, actress Michelle Dockery, who played Lady Mary Crawley on the series, says there is still hope for a big screen adaptation of the PBS series.

According to People Magazine, Michelle Dockery, 35, recently revealed that there is potential for a “Downton Abbey” film to be made. However, Lady Mary herself says that fans need to be patient, because the process could be a long one, especially when it may be hard to reunite the full cast for such a big project.

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Fans want more ‘Downton’

“I think there is still potential for a Downton film,” the actress told the Associated Press on Monday. “These things take time. It seems to be a challenging getting 18 actors together at the same time in the same country.” However, it seems that Dockery is just as excited about the possibility of a “Downton Abbey” reunion as the rest of us, saying “I’m hopeful something will happen at some point.”

Fans are over the moon about the possibility of a future “Downton Abbey” reunion or revival, and can’t wait to hear more updates about it. As fans will remember, the PBS series ended after six seasons of major drama, such as the deaths of Matthew and Sybil. However, the show did have a happy ending when Mary was happy at Downton with her husband and son, Edith had her daughter and got married, Bates and Anna had their baby, and even Barrow ended up back at the house where he belonged.

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