Disney’s Aladdin Live-Action Movie To Start Filming This Year

Disney's live action Aladdin to begin filming this year.

Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ live-action movie confirmed

Disney’s “Aladdin” is finally filming a live-action version, and the movie is set to start shooting this year. The news has fans of the animated movie over the moon, and speculating on who should play the lead roles of Aladdin and Jasmine.

According to Comic Book, the studio is reportedly is having Madonna’s ex-husband, Guy Ritchie, direct the live-action “Aladdin” film. As many Disney fans know, the company’s “Beauty and The Beast” is set to release next weekend, and is expected to draw huge numbers at the box office. The live-action adaptation stars Emma Watson as Belle, and is projected to be one of the most popular movies of the year.

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Casting call reveals major details on ‘Aladdin’ live-action movie

Meanwhile, Disney is said to have many other live-action revivals of their former classics in the works, such as “The Lion King,” but is ready to move on “Aladdin,” and reportedly plans to being filming the movie in the coming months.

A casting call went out this week via Twitter asking for Middle Eastern actors and actresses, who are also singers, to audition for the roles in the film, such as Aladdin and Jasmine. This means that fans may see many newcomers in the film. The casting call reveals a ton of information, such as Guy Ritchie’s director status, rehearsals beginning in April, and the filming dates which range from July 2017 to January 2018. The announcement even reveals that the movie is set to film in the UK.

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