‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Did The Soap Write Off An Iconic Character Without Telling Us?

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“Days of Our Lives” spoilers reveal that one of the show’s most iconic characters may be gone for good, and fans didn’t even get to say goodbye. Did the long running NBC really write off a character without letting the fans know?

According to Soap Hub, “Days of Our Lives” fans have noticed an absence of one of Salem’s most beloved residents, Caroline Brady. The character has been seen since last fall, and now the show has taken actress Peggy McCay’s name out of the show’s credits.

McCay’s health has been failing for many years. Back in 2015, the beloved actress took an extended break from “Days of Our Lives” in order to recovery from an injury that she suffered on set. Peggy also was absent from the show in 2012 when she was recovering from an injury that she sustained at her home. However, the Brady family matriarch has been nowhere to be seen in months.

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The report reveals that with “Days of Our Lives” taping six months in advance, it is possible that Peggy McCray hasn’t been on the set of the soap in a year. “DOOL” fans will remember that Caroline Brady was part of the huge storyline that brought her son, Bo Brady, back to Salem before his death. Bo believed that he had found a cure for his mother’s Alzheimer’s in the form of a new drug. However, the drug gave Caroline visions that let her see into the future. She even had a vision of Bo’s untimely death.

“Days of Our Lives” fans love Peggy McCay and are hoping that if ever she does decide to retire from the soap, which she’s been apart of since 1983, that viewers will get to say goodbye to her in a loving and respectful way.

What are your thoughts on “Days of Our Lives” removing Peggy McCay’s name from the credits? Do you think we’ll ever see Caroline Brady in Salem again?

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