Chevy Chase health scare: Actor drops 50 pounds fast, friends fear for his health

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Chevy Chase health issues and a recent dramatic weight loss that friends very concerned about the former Saturday Night Live’ alum’s health. The actor has dropped 50- plus pounds in just a couple of months. The sudden change has those closest to him fearing the worse.

Chevy Chase health concerns on the rise

According to the National Enquirer Chevy Chase‘s friends are growing very worried. Some of his pals have begun expressing great concern for his health. Those who know the actor fear that decades of hard partying and booze have taken its toll on Chase’s body in a dangerous way.

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Decades of alcohol and drug abuse take toll on Chevy Chase health and body

The NE’s writes that Chevy Chase health issues have his pals believing that the comedian’s liver and pancreas may be too far gone and that Chevy’s sudden drop in weight is a sign that the 74-year-old “Christmas Vacation” star could be nearing the end.

At first Chase’s family and friends were happy to see Chevy start losing some of the weight after the 6’4 actor packed on the pounds reaching 304 pounds. But, in the past couple of months, Chevy continues to drop weight at a rapid rate.

The weight is coming off so fast that those closest to Chevy Chase are beginning to fear the worse.  Some believe that Chase’s health could be too far gone and he may have cancer or be in need of a liver transplant. 

The tabloid talked with New York internist Stuart Fischer, who claims at first sight Chevy Chase looks to have aged 30-years in the past five and looks very unhealthy.

Though Fischer has not treated Chase, he states that from looking at Chevy’s recent photos he is “undoubtedly suffering liver issues. He also adds that yo-yo dieting is very hard on the body causing issues with cholesterol and blood pressure which puts a strain on the heart.

Chevy’s friends also believe that he is still drinking despite last year’s rehab stay. What are your thoughts, do you believe Chevy Chase’s pals have a reason to fear for his health?

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