Celtics, Wizards Fight Night: Game 3 Saw 3 Ejections

Boston Celtics, Washington Wizards NBA playoffs 2017 fight.

NBA fans watched a battle go down on the court in Washington on Thursday night. The Boston Celtics may have been beaten badly by the Washington Wizards, but the game was not boring by any means. In fact, there were multiple altercations, technical fouls, and even three ejections during Game 3 of the series.

According to ESPN, Boston and Washington are two teams that do not like each other. Over the course of the regular season, fans watched the teams get very physical, which resulted in 16 technical fouls being called in the four games that they played against one another. In Wednesday night’s game, there were plenty more technicals to be had.

Wizards forward Kelly Oubre Jr. was ejected from Game 3 after Celtics center Kelly Olynyk set a few hard screens on him. After a screen in which Oubre was knocked to the ground, he got up, ran over to Olynyk and pushed him to the ground. The altercation lead to Kelly Oubre’s ejection, but he wouldn’t be the only Washington Wizard to be hitting the locker room early that night.

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Later in the night, Washington’s Brandon Jennings and Boston’s Terry Rozier exchanged heated words and rough fouls, which earned them both two technical fouls, and an ejection in the fourth quarter of the Wizards’ 116-89 win over the Celtics. The NBA will evaluated and hand down punishments if they see fit.

Later, Celtics star Isaiah Thomas weighed in on the situation.

“We don’t like them and they don’t like us. That’s just what it is. Whatever bad blood we’ve had in the season, it’s carried over to the playoffs,” Thomas said. “We’re just competing and trying to win, and they did that today. We took care of business at home, now we just gotta try to get Game 4.”

The Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards will play Game 4 on Sunday, and all eyes will be on the players and referees to see if they’ll keep the game under control, or if tempers will continue to boil over.

What did you think of the rough Game 3 between Boston and Washington on Wednesday night?

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