‘Bates Motel’ Season 5 Premiere Recap — ‘Dark Paradise’

Bates Motel Season 5 Spoilers Recap

‘Bates Motel’ Season 5 Premiere Recap — Full On ‘Psycho’

Bates Motel” is finally back for the Season 5, the final season of the creepy A&E thriller started off with a bang. Check out Hollywood News Daily‘s recap of the season premiere, titled “Dark Paradise.”

Norman wakes up to the sound of music playing in his house and says he smells breakfast cooking. He gets ready for his day, seemingly playing out the same routine that he’s gotten used to day in and day out. He heads downstairs to find his mother, Norma, cooking breakfast in a clean kitchen. The two eat together as Norman discusses plans to update the motel. Norma makes a comment about how she wishes she could go to town and shop. Norman reminds her that she can’t possibly do that. Norman leaves and heads to town.

Norman enters the hardware store to look at paint and finds a young woman working there who reminds him a lot of his mother. Norman goes to pay for the paint but finds another man’s wallet in his pocket. He promises to return to pay for the paint and leaves the store, heading back home. Norma convinces Norman that the man must have left his wallet at the hotel, and orders him to put the wallet in the safe. Later, a man comes in and asks to rent a room for a few hours. Norman instantly gets angry, telling the man, who gives a fake name, that they only rent rooms by the night. The man pays and then escorts an unseen young lady into the room. Norman then watches the couple get intimate through a peep hole he created in the adjoining room.

Bates Motel spoilers: What happens in the Season 5 premiere?
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Norman’s Crazier Than Ever

Later, Norman is trying to put the pieces of his blackouts together with the man’s wallet, and a credit card purchase that he can’t remember. Norma brushes it off, and asks Norman about his day. When he tells Norma about the young woman at the hardware store she immediately gets angry, telling Norman that she has literally given up her life to “pretend” to be dead so that she can take care of him and protect him. The two argue.

That night, “Bates Motel” viewers watch as Norman sneaks away from his sleeping mother to head down to the basement where he enters a refrigerated room that contains Norma’s dead body. Norman hugs the corpse of his mother, begging her for help.

The next day, the woman from the hardware store visits Norman at the motel and brings him the paint he was going to buy. She tells him about a small business meeting in the town that night, and asks him to come. Later, when Norman tries to sneak out to go to the meeting, Norma questions his motives and the two begin to argue again. Norma then drags Norman down to the basement where she opens a freezer to reveal the dead body of the man whose wallet Norman had. Norma tells her son that the man came to the motel to kill him, so she had no choice but to kill the man before he could hurt Norman. The two put their differences aside and proceed to prepare the body to get rid of it. The two load the corpse into the car and head to the river to dump the body.

Bates Motel Season 5 Spoilers Recap
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Big Changes And A Time Jump

Meanwhile, Alex Romero, who is no longer sheriff, but an inmate in the local prison, is seen living out his days behind bars. Alex’s parole has been denied, and he’s been taking out his frustration by working out in the prison yard. However, Alex has not forgotten Norma, whose picture he has hanging in his cell. Later, as Norman and Norma are getting rid of the mystery man’s dead body, his phone begins to ring, and Norman answers it to find that Alex is on the other end. It seems Alex will stop at nothing to get revenge on Norman for killing ┬áNorma.

All the while, Dylan and Emma are living a new life in Seattle. The couple are happier than ever and surprisingly even have a baby daughter. As they are gathered with their friends for Emma’s birthday, the get a surprise visitor. Caleb shows up out of the blue to meet his granddaughter, and Dylan is shocked to see his father/uncle. Dylan later tells Caleb that he doesn’t speak to Norman or Norma anymore. It’s revealed that Dylan, Emma, and Caleb are not aware of Norma’s death. While Caleb wants to stay in Seattle with his family, Emma tells him that his relationship with Dylan is just too complicated, and that he must leave.

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