‘Are You The One’ Second Chances: Who Won The Season And Did They Share The Money?

Are You The One Second Chances Finale: Devin and Rashida Win.

Are You The One Second Chances came to an end on Wednesday night. The show, which brought together former perfect match couples to compete in a series of challenges to win money has crowned its winner, but it wasn’t without drama.

Devin and Rashida, Tori and Morgan, and Shanley and Adam all competed in the final mission in hopes of winning some big money. The three teams set out on a brutal and long mission that had them running all over Australia and showcased just how much they knew about one another. Are You The One Second Chances‘ first place couple earned an extra $50K while second place had their bank cut in half. The third place team would go home with no money at all.

Shanley and Adam got off to the quickest start, but they began to fall behind when they couldn’t answer questions about each other and match each other’s answers. This hurt the couple. Meanwhile, while Tori and Morgan had a lot of trouble with the first part of the mission, they gained back a lot of ground in the relationship areas of the mission. Devin and Rashida worked together beautifully, and hardly hit a snag at all.

In the end, it was Devin and Rashida who took home first place, and built their bank up to $170K. Tori and Morgan came in second, and saw their bank fall to $25K, while Shanley and Adam came in third and left the show with nothing. Sadly, the two also said they were leaving without their friendship after being pushed to their limits during Are You The One Second Chances. However, the drama wasn’t over yet.

are you the one second chances devin and rashida win

Devin and Rashid may have won the mission, but they weren’t guaranteed their money just yet. The couple were forced to enter the finale choice ceremony and had to choose whether to steal the money from their partner, or share the money. If only one chose steal that person would get the entire $170K for themselves, if they both chose share they would split the money, but if the two both chose steal they would leave with nothing and second place finishers Tori and Morgan would get all of their cash.

Before the choice ceremony, Are You The One Second Chances viewers watched Devin struggle with the decision he was about to make. Devin revealed that he loved Rashida, but that if he stole the money from her he would be looking at an early retirement if he played his cards right. Devin also justified stealing the money by saying he did the majority of the work to win the missions. When Rashida got wind of Devin’s comments about stealing the cash, she was instantly upset. This led to an argument between the two just moments before their choice.

However, in the end Devin and Rashida both ended up choosing to share the money, and go home with a nice sum of cash, as well as a great relationship. Although nothing has been announced by MTV, fans are hoping that more seasons of Are You The One Second Chances are in the works at the network.

What did you think about the Are You The One Second Chances finale? Are you happy that Devin and Rashida won the money?

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