‘Are You The One: Second Chances’: Did Cameron Or Mikala Try To Steal The Money?

are you the one second chances cameron and mikala

“Are You The One: Second Chances” was crazy this week. With only four couples left in the running, (the strongest four couples) things got intense. Sadly, Tori and Morgan found themselves in last place for the very first time after they couldn’t get on the same page while planning a beach party together. This meant that “Torgan” was going into The Choice with a real possibility of being eliminated.

Shanley and Adam won the challenge, a first for their team, but that didn’t seem to help their relationship at all. The two were back to bickering with one another as soon as they returned to the house. This time, things got so bad that Shanley said she would be willingly to forfeit and go home with no money. It doesn’t seem that these two have enough of a connection to win it all.

Meanwhile, Devon and Rashida built their bank up to 100K, to which “Are You The One: Second Chances” viewers saw Devon contemplate the possibility of stealing all that money from his partner and keeping it for himself. At one point, Devon even told Morgan to vote he and Rashida into The Choice because he was going to steal from her and leave her blindsided. However, Devon likes to think of himself as the puppet master of the house, and could easily have been telling Morgan that in order to make sure his biggest competition was eliminated.

are you the one second chances cameron and mikala

The other couple, Cameron and Mikala were also no doing so well. The pair, who are the only ones in an actual romantic relationship, ended up being voted into The Choice with the option to share the money and keep competing, or steal from one another, which would leave Tori and Morgan to fight another day. When it all went down, the choice ended up being another “blind choice,” which left every couple safe, and no one really knowing which Cameron and Mikala chose…expect us viewers. At the end of the show, it was revealed that one of the two has chosen to steal the money from their partner/significant other.

“Are You The One: Second Chances” viewers know that Cameron and Mikala’s relationship is rocky at best right now, and Mikala has made no secret of the fact that she wants to go home and never wanted to do the competition in the first place. She also wanted to ensure that she win some money. Mikala could have easily been the one to steal. However, Cameron seems very much over his relationship with Mikala, and may have wanted to take the money and run before ending things with her for good. MTV, please tell us that you’ll reveal the blind choice results at the end of the season!

Do you think it was Cameron or Mikala who choose to steal the money during this week’s “Are You The One: Second Chances?” Our guess…Cameron.

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