Walking Dead spoilers season 7: First leak revealed as a fake

Update: Further details have revealed that the alleged Walking Dead season 7 alleged leak reported below has been proven fake. 

Walking Dead fans are still steaming about Sunday night’s season six finale cliffhanger, but there is a slight possibility that we may the answers fans have been desperately searching for. Reports reveal a new alleged secret clip was filmed after Negan’s kill scene, revealing the kill victim’s name.

“Walking Dead” season 7 leak reveals Negan’s victim

A new report allegedly claims that they have information revealing a secret clip. This Walking Dead season seven leak was provided by an employee of AMC’s who was fired and uploaded said clip to YouTube. However, the clip has been taken down by orders of AMC. This news has in no way been officially confirmed, but there are some pretty fishy details involved. We will let you decide on this one.

Who did Negan really kill on The Walking Dead finale?

This fake report claimed it was really Daryl Dixon who is portrayed by actor Norman Reedus. So here is the rumored story. According to the leaker, this ‘secret ending’ was originally going to be part of the opening scene for season 7.

“Yeah, we filmed this scene right after we finished filming the finale that you all saw on T.V. last night,” the leaker told Unleashed Reality. “We were planning to use this footage for the opening scene of season 7, but then AMC fired me so I thought ‘screw them’ and decided to upload it to the Internet.”

“It shouldn’t really come as a shock to any true fans of the series,” the leaker confessed, “We’ve been hinting at it for quite a while now. Like, way back in season 1, we had Rick put a gun to Daryl’s head and tell him that he was going to get his head caved in by a baseball bat.”

“Another time, and I think this was during season 4, Carl had a nightmare about Daryl dying, and we all know how Carl’s visions have always come true in this show.”


It was also claimed in the report that following the alleged leak, the video was taken down from YouTube by order of AMC and he was arrested for stealing and publishing copyrighted content.

Earlier, Norman Reedus appeared on “Today” stating he knew what happened, and that he couldn’t say. Is it another hint.

This info leaves fans really torn, and even angrier at AMC for leaving them in the dark until October when he Walking Dead returns for season seven. We are not quite sure how to take this information, but in felt, it needed to be shared for fan’s sakes.

Get ready for many more fake news about The Walking Dead Season 7, because there are going to be a lot of rumors.

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