TV Reunions, Revivals & Reboots in 2017: Separating Fact From Fiction

2017 TV revivals, reunions, and reboots

The TV reunion/revival/reboot craze was strong in 2016, and we think it will definitely carry into 2017. With the return of shows like “Boy Meets World” “Fuller House,” and “Gilmore Girls” in new and exciting aspects, fans want to see all of their former favorite TV shows return, but what’s the real deal with the rumors? We’re breaking down all the information you need to know!

TV show revivals & reboots: What’s coming back in 2017?

1.) 24 Legacy: (CONFIRMED) ┬áThe new show won’t have Kiefer Sutherland, but it will be action packed. Fox will premiere the first episode after Super Bowl 51 on February 5, 2017.

2.) Curb Your Enthusiasm: (CONFIRMED) Larry David will bring back the hit comedy series to HBO in 2017, it was last seen in 2011.

3.) Ducktales: (CONFIRMED) The hit 80’s series is officially returning to Disney XD in 2017.

4.) The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air: (RUMOR) While Will Smith says he has absolutely NO desire to return to the show in any form, he recently revealed that he would allow a reboot to happen if someone wanted to do it.

5.) Greek: (CONFIRMED) The show about a group of college friends in the fraternity/sorority life will return for a holiday reunion movie which will air on FreeForm in early 2017.

6.) Hey Arnold!: (CONFIRMED) The Nickelodeon show will return in the form of a TV movie titled “Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie,” which will be a two-part, two-hour movie that will pick up where the original series ended, and tie up the loose ends from the series.

7.) Will and Grace: (IN TALKS) The show’s four main stars are currently in talks at NBC to reprise their roles for a revival of the hit sitcom! Stay tuned for updates.

8.) Muppet Babies: (CONFIRMED) The muppets will return in toddler former in a fresh take on the animated series that we all loved in the 80s. The show will premiere on Disney Junior in 2017.

9.) Mystery Sciences Theater 3000: (CONFIRMED) Fourteen new episodes of the series will air on Netflix in the VERY near future!

10.) Prison Break: (CONFIRMED) The revival will consist of 9 episodes and will serve as a sequel to the original series. It will premiere on Fox in 2017.

11.) Rocko’s Modern Life: (CONFIRMED) The show will be back in the form of a one-hour movie on Nickelodeon.

12.) Star Trek: (CONFIRMED) The show will return to television in the new series “Star Trek: Discovery” which will serve as the next series in the TV show’s history. It’s scheduled for a May 2017 premiere on CBS.

13.) One Tree Hill: (RUMOR) Fans of the show have been begging for a revival on the series since it left the air in 2012, and while the cast seem to be on board with a future revival/reunion/reboot/spin off/sequel series it looks like now is not the right time.

14.) Tales From The Crypt: (CONFIRMED) The scary HBO series will return on TNT in 2017 with M. Night Shyamalan at the reigns. The show will anchor a new two-hour block of horror programming for the network and feature a new crypt keeper!

15.) That’s So Raven: (CONFIRMED) Raven Symone will star in a sequel series to the original. Raven is now a divorced mother of two preteen kids, one of whom has psychic abilities like herself.

16.) Twin Peaks: (CONFIRMED) The cult classic show will finally return as a limited-series continuation from the 90’s drama. There will be at least 12 episodes with the possibility of more. The show will premiere on Showtime in 2017.

17.) Sons of Anarchy: (CONFIRMED) A spin-off show about the Mayans MC group is currently in production at FX.

18.) The Big Bang Theory: (CONFIRMED) A prequel series about a young Sheldon Cooper growing up in Texas is in the works at CBS.

19.) How I Met Your Mother: (CONFIRMED) A spin-off series titled “How I Met Your Father” is currently in the works. The original show’s writers will be the executive producers, while the “This Is Us” producers will serve as writers for the new show.

There you have it, the latest news on all the TV show spin offs, revivals, reboots, sequels, reunions, and more. Which one are you most looking forward to? Share this post and leave a comment below!


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