‘The Breakfast Club’: 11 Things You Never Knew About The Iconic 80’s Movie

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It’s officially “The Breakfast Club” day. On March 24, 1984 the gang met for detention and left forever changed. While the movie continues to be a favorite among fans of all ages, there are a few interesting facts that some die-hard fans don’t even know.

11 Things You Never Knew About ‘The Breakfast Club’ Movie

1.) “The Breakfast Club” was written in 2 days time and director John Hughes filmed the movie completely in sequence! He had the young actors rehearse the film as if it were a play several times before finally rolling film. The very last scene of John Bender walking away and thrusting his fist in the air was the last scene filmed on the last day of filming.

2.) Actress Ally Sheedy apparently thought that her co-star Michael Anthony Hall was so adorably sweet that she nicknamed him “Milk and Cookies,” a nickname that the actor did not like.

3.) The dandruff that Ally Sheedy’s character Allison shakes from her hair to create the look of snow in her drawing was actually Parmesan cheese!

4.) The set was apparently so hot that on the upper level the high temps would cause some of the cast and crew to fall asleep or even pass out due to the heat.

5.) As a special keepsake from their time on “The Breakfast Club,” all of the actors were given a piece of the banister in the library by John Hughes.

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6.) The knife John Bender pulls out during his fight scene with Andrew actually belonged to actor Judd Nelson, who reportedly owned it for protection purposes.

7.) Molly Ringwald fought hard to play the role of “basket case” Allison, but was eventually cast as the “princess” Claire.

8.) Anthony Michael Hall’s character, Brian, was originally supposed to have a learning disability.

9.) The title of the film was originally supposed to be “The Lunch Bunch,” before being changed to “The Breakfast Club.”

10.) Claire’s wardrobe was purchased specifically for the character from the only Ralph Lauren store in Chicago at the time. John Hughes rejected the original costume choice because it wasn’t sophisticated enough. Molly Ringwald says her biggest regret about the film is not getting to keep Claire’s boots.

11.) Before giving the part of John Bender to Judd Nelson, Nicholas Cage was originally considered for the part.

There you go, now you can watch “The Breakfast Club” and celebrate the day by sharing your new found knowledge of the film with your friends.

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