The 12 Best TV Couples Of All Time

Our favorite TV couples are what keep us coming back week after week. They give us joy when they’re together, and stress us out when they’re apart. We root for them, cry when they split, and want to see them end up happily ever after.

The 12 Best TV Couples Of All Time

Our list of favorite TV show couples should come as no surprise, as they are regarded as many of the best couples ever to grace the small screen. Check out our list, and let us know if you agree with our choices.

12.) Zack & Kelly: Saved By The Bell — Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski were one of the most beloved teen couples of all time. ‘Saved By The Bell‘ fans loved to watch their relationship go from playful flirting, to puppy love, to full fledged commitment. The pair even got married in Vegas during a made for TV movie!

11.) Buffy & Angel: Buffy The Vampire Slayer — Buffy and Angel had so many problems. He was a vampire, she was the slayer. They couldn’t sleep together or he’d lose his soul. You know, the normal relationship drama. However, they loved each other so much that we couldn’t help but root for them, even though they could never be together.

10.) Seth & Summer: The O.C. — Seth and Summer started off as an adorable, geeky kid winning over the hot girl at school, but turned out to be so much more. The O.C. viewers watched as the couple not only won over our hearts, but changed each other in profound ways.

9.) Claire & Jamie: Outlander — Ah, the Frazers. ‘Outlander‘ has become one of TV’s hottest shows, and with it, Claire and Jamie, one of TV’s hottest couples. Their chemistry and passion are the driving factor behind the amazing time-traveling period drama, and we can not stop watching to see what comes next for the pair. They’ve already been through more than most couples ever have to endure, yet they keep fighting for one another.

8.) Finn & Rachel: Glee — “Finchel” was one of the best parts about watching ‘Glee.’ The real-life relationship of Cory Monteith and Lea Michele only added to the adorableness of their on-screen romance. Unfortunately, neither couple got their happy ending when Cory shockingly passed away.

7.) Damon & Elena: The Vampire Diaries — The couple known as “Delena” continues to be one of fans’ all-time favorite pairs, even though actress Nina Dobrev has left the show. Again, the real-life couple of Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder helped the on-screen chemistry of their characters, but since the pair called it quits and Elena left The Vampire Diaries, the show hasn’t been the same.

6.) Meredith & Derek: Grey’s Anatomy —Grey’s Anatomy‘ has been on air for over a decade, and the love between Meredith and Derek has been the driving force behind the series. This is another couple who didn’t get a happy ending. When Patrick Dempsey left the show, his character, Derek Shepherd, was killed in a car accident. Sadly, Meredith’s love for Derek is still a huge part of the series.

5.) Joey & Pacey: Dawson’s Creek — While Dawson may have been the lead character on the WB teen drama, it was his “soul mate” Joey’s relationship with his best friend Pacey that had fans aflutter. It’s not that we didn’t want Dawson to be happy, it’s just that Joey and Pacey were so obviously perfect for each other! Thankfully, they ended up together at the end of the series.

4.) Ross & Rachel: Friends — Ross Gellar and Rachel Green may be TV’s most popular couple…ever. “Friends” was a huge hit around the globe, and everyone loved their pairing. However, the show split the characters up and kept them apart for many, many seasons. Despite having a baby together and other mini-reunions, the two didn’t officially get back together until the series finale. We’re still waiting for the reunion special to find out what happened next.

3.) Marshall & Lily: How I Met Your Mother — Marshall and Lily are quite possibly the most adorable couple ever to grace the small screen. They are completely committed to each other and would basically do anything for one another to ensure that their relationship stays strong. It’s hard to not just love them, and HIMYM!

2.) Nathan & Haley: One Tree Hill — Whose love story is more endearing than Nathan Scott and Haley James? Haley completely melted Nathan’s heart and turned him into the loving, amazing man, husband, and father that he became, while he made her realize that she was beautiful, smart, and talented, and gave her the confidence to be all of those things. Needless to say, we really miss “One Tree Hill!”

1.) Cory & Topanga: Boy Meets World — It’s no surprise that Cory and Topanga would be at the top spot on our list. Not many TV couples can hold a candle to Cory and Topanga’s love. They fell hard for each other while in middle school, and despite jumping very interesting hurdles, came out on top. They married and became very successful adults, who now parents Riley and Auggie on the “Boy Meets World” spin-off series, “Girl Meets World.”

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