Teen Relationship Contract Found Online Goes Viral

Teen relationships are not quite what they use to be. In 2016 a typical eighth-grade boyfriend/girlfriend relationship requires a little more paperwork than back in the day according to a new report.

Is your teen ready for a relationship contract?

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Adorable teens passing notes in study hall asking the opposite if they wanted to be boyfriend/girlfriend by circling either yes or no appear to be a thing of the past. Today’s teens are a bit more advanced. Whether it is using technology to lock in a boyfriend or girlfriend to a well thought out relationship contract that covers the most important topics in the eighth grade.

Today’s world is so messy, and all it takes is to turn on the news to find out just how sad the world can be. In a light-hearted manner, this post on young love will bring a smile to your face, unlock some  of your Junior High school memories, or give you a little scare.

An eighth-grade relationship contract found by a Twitter user by the name of Max Linksy is making the rounds across social media networks bring both clarity and a lot of laughs to those who read it. That is unless you are the parent of a teen that is already pushing hard to get out there in the dating world.

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Are teen relationships past the “Winnie and Kevin” era these days?

Take a couple of minutes and think back to when you were a teen, the summer before Junior High School. The days when having a “serious relationship” was THE most important thing going down in the junior high school. Gone are the days of “Do you like me? Circe one Yes or no.” Or even better the popular best friend go-between to find out if so and so like you back, and if they would or would not be your boyfriend or girlfriend. No conversation needed.

Now travel ahead to 2016, there are text messages, social media, and one more important element affecting some teens, a junior relationship contract. One potential summer relationship in progress ‘ rules was clearly defined in ink. Linksy, who reveal finding a copy of the contract took the liberty of uploading the document stating that he found the contract on the floor of his
Eighth-grade classroom.

The rules of the contract are as follows:

Terms and Conditions

You cannot talk to ho*s.
You have to talk to me all the time.
You have to give me a lot of hugs.
You have to buy me food.
You can not break my heart because if you break my heart I will break your face.
You can’t break up with me I break up with you, if we have problems we will resolve them.
You can’t hug these ho*s.
You can fist bump these ho*s that’s it.
You can’t be looking at these ho*s.

I agree with these terms and conditions. Signature required.

There you have it. all you need to know about a successful eighth-grade relationship laid out in simple rules. And if you are wondering if the young man agreed or not, well the contract was indeed signed.

What an amusing way to begin the summer of 2016 as a young teen. Does this make you look back at your junior high years? How did you make your boyfriend.gitlfriend status official when you were in junior high? As for us, we prefer the simpler things in life, no legal council needed.

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