‘Teen Mom 2’: Adam Lind Says He’s Quitting The Show, Chelsea Houska Couldn’t Care Less

Teen Mom 2 Adam Lind says he's quitting show.

Teen Mom 2” dad Adam Lind says he wants off the MTV reality show which stars his baby mama, Chelsea Houska. Lind, who is under contract with the network has threatened to walk multiple times in the past.

Is Adam Lind Quitting ‘Teen Mom 2?’

During the “Teen Mom 2” reunion, which will air Chelsea and Kailyn’s parts on Monday night, Adam Lind told host Dr. Drew Pinsky that he refused to answer any questions about the show, his daughter, child support, ect.

Adam claims that he’s done with the show and that the only reason he was at the reunion and out in front of the crowd is because he was under contract. Lind revealed that he text MTV execs and told them he’s done participating in the reality series, which we have to believe is a good source of income for him.

Meanwhile, the question that started Adam’s mini rant was about the father/daughter dance that “Teen Mom 2” fans watched him stand daughter Aubree up for. Later, when Aubree asked her father why he didn’t come to the dance, he said it was because he was at the gym.

Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer.

Does ‘Teen Mom 2’ Really Need Adam Lind?

“Teen Mom 2” without Adam wouldn’t really impact the series at all. He’s rarely seen as it is, and Chelsea Houska’s fiance, Cole DeBoer, has seemingly taken over all important daddy duties when it comes to little Aubree.

Since Adam Lind has threatened to quit “Teen Mom 2” in the past, fans wouldn’t be surprised if Adam was seen in the next season.

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