‘Step Brothers 2’ Not Happening Despite Reports

Step Brothers 2 not in the works.

Sorry, guys. Despite the reports that “Step Brothers 2” was actually happening, it seems Dale and Brennan won’t be back anytime soon. While various outlets reported on the possible sequel to the film, it seems the original report from Miss Open was completely untrue.

‘Step Brothers 2’ Not Happening!

Uproxx reports that the fake report originated on the site, but that there is no truth to the fact that “Step Brothers 2” would be filming this year in Sacramento, California.

The false report claimed that the original actors would be returning for the project and that the story line would center around Dale getting a woman pregnant and he and his step-brother Brennan having to raise the baby on their own when the mother wants nothing to do with the child.

False ‘Step Brothers 2’ Reports Surface

While the premise may sound completely generic, or totally funny, depending on who you ask, it looks like fans won’t have to worry about the plot for “Step Brothers 2,” because it isn’t happening, at least not this year, much to the chagrin of fans everywhere.

So, sorry fans, it looks like there will no be anymore room for activities or karate in the garage in the near future, but we’re still holding out hope that “Step Brothers 2” will eventually happen, because, well, why not?

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