‘Step Brothers 2’ Is Happening, Fans Rejoice

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UPDATE: Despite reports that ‘Step Brothers 2’ would be filming this year, it has been confirmed that those reports were untrue and that the movie isn’t happening, at least not this year!

“Step Brothers 2” is really happening. The sequel to the hilarious 2008 film, which is beloved by fans, will begin filming this fall in Sacramento, California.

‘Step Brothers 2’ In Development

According to Miss Open, “Step Brothers 2” is currently in development with the script expected to be finished this spring. The original cast of Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Richard Jenkins, Mary Steenburgen, and others are set to return for the sequel.

Many fans will remember that in the first film characters Dale and Brennan were both middle aged loser who still lived with their parents. The pair were forced together as step-brothers when their parents met and decided to get married. While at first they didn’t like each other they soon developed a strong friendship in the most hilarious way.

‘Step Brothers’ Sequel To Begin Filming This Fall

While details on “Step Brothers 2” have been scarce, rumors are revealing that the sequel will involve Dale and Brennan working menial jobs and living together in an apartment in Sacramento, California. When Dale finds out he has gotten a young women pregnant, and that the woman wants nothing to do with the baby, he and his step-brother Brennan will be forced to raise the child together.

Fans are completely excited to see what “Step Brothers 2” has to bring and are hoping for a movie just as funny as the original!

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