Carrie Fisher: How Will Her Death Affect Star Wars & Princess Leia?

Carrie Fisher's death: What does it mean for Star Wars and Princess Leia?

How will Carrie Fisher’s death impact the future of Princess Leia and ‘Star Wars?’

Carrie Fisher, best known for playing Princess Leia Organa in the “Star Wars” saga films, has tragically died. The actress, beloved by millions, passed way on Dec. 27 following complications from a heart attack. The iconic actress, who was the daughter of Hollywood royalty, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, was just 60-years-old.

According to The Inquisitr, “Star Wars” fans are now wondering what the future holds for Episode 8 and 9 after Carrie Fisher’s death. What is to become of Princess Leia? Well, the good news is that Fisher has already finished filming her scenes for Episode 8, but what about Episode 9? Filming wasn’t scheduled to start until 2017, which means there will be a conflict over the final movie in the new trilogy. According to the report, there are a few options for Disney following Fisher’s sad passing, but which one will they choose?

The first option is the most obvious one. Princess Leia’s death. While “Star Wars” fans have seen many of their favorite characters die such as Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and most recently Han Solo, it seems Leia’s death would have to happen off screen, and only be talked about by the characters that remain. This would end Leia’s story, but likely not in a way or manner that fans would like.

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The second option is to keep Princess Leia alive, but not on screen. This means that she could go into hiding and/or be giving orders off screen to have her plans carried out throughout out the final movie. This would lead the storyline to continue as planned, assuming that Princess Leia were to make it to the end of the trilogy. However, fans would definitely feel Leia’s absence if this is the route that Disney decides to take.

The third option, which is likely what many of the fans would like to see happen, is that Carrie Fisher’s likeness is recreated through CGI. Fans who watched Rogue One already know that a young version of Princess Leia made a cameo at the end of the movie to tie it to the original trilogy thanks to CGI, and the same could be said for Episode 9. A CGI version of Leia could be present for important scenes, or to give Leia the ending that “Star Wars” fans believe she deserves. Of course, Carrie Fisher’s family as well as Disney would have to decide this was the best course of action, and what Fisher would have wanted going forward.

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