‘Splash’ Remake: Channing Tatum To Play Mermaid Role

Splash Remake: Channing Tatum cast in mermaid role.

The “Splash” remake is officially happening, and Channing Tatum is set to star in the reboot of the classic 80’s Tom Hanks film. However, there is one twist.

‘Splash’ Remake Casts Channing Tatum As Mermaid

According to People Magazine, Channing Tatum won’t be playing Tom Hanks’ role in the “Splash” remake. Instead, the genders of the roles have been switched, and Channing will be playing the mermaid role! That’s right, Merman Tatum is coming our way very soon!

In addition to Channing playing the mermaid role in the film, his “22 Jump Street” co-star, Jillian Belle, will join him as his human love interest.

In the original “Splash” film, Tom Hanks reunites with the mermaid that saved him from drowning when he was a child. Beloved actors such as John Candy and Eugene Levy also co-starred in the movie.

Fans are hoping that the “Splash” remake can involve some of Channing Tatum’s famous friends such as Jonah Hill, who is pretty much great in every single thing he does, right?

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Channing’s Famous Friends Joining Him?

Of course, the remake will have a modern update, and should be absolutely hilarious! We can see Channing leaving us in stitches, and Jillian Belle is no slouch herself. Have you seen her work? She’s a riot!

It’s unclear on what to expect as far as the storyline, but fans are so pumped about the “Splash” remake and casting news that at this point it doesn’t even matter.

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