Shameless Season 6 spoilers: Hormones, babies and chaos

Shameless fans are on pins and needles awaiting to see where Showtime will take the Gallagher family next. It is safe to say Shameless Season six has started off with quite a bang. News of an expanding family has the entire family in total chaos.

If you have not caught up on your Shameless season six episodes you may want to stop reading at this point because we are about to get into some serious potential spoilers. Okay, warning given. Fans are at odds this season over the dramatic Gallagher double pregnancy storyline that is unfolding on Showtime.

It was shocking enough to find out that 15-year-old Debbie was expecting a child, and the way she went about it was just devious. By now you all know that Debbie intentionally became pregnant with her boyfriend Derek’s baby by way of deceit. Hoping that Dereck would feel the same as she does, Debs lied about her birth control in order to trap Dereck into getting her pregnant in hopes of living this perfect family fantasy that she carries in her head.

Two Gallagher babies on the way! Could things be any more Shameless?


The only problem, Dereck now wants nothing to do with Debbie and has conveniently vanished. He is now living in Florida leaving Debbie to deal with her pregnancy on her own. And on her own she is because everyone in the Gallagher family with the exception of Frank is against her having this baby. Needless to say Fiona is fit to be tied about Debbie’s news. Just when she steps closer to having raised all of her brothers and sisters Debbie throws this wrench into their lives. Fi is adamant that Debbie has an abortion, but who is she to give advice because she has also just found out that she is pregnant!

Gallagher fans are still in shock as the family faces not one pregnancy, but two. Go big or stay at home the Gallaghers never do things in moderation. Now that Debbie’s teen pregnancy has been found out the house is in turmoil trying to convince Debs that having a baby at this point in her young life is just a huge mistake.

Fi’s life is in total chaos because not only is she still legally married to Gus, and sleeping with her boss Shaun, and there is a huge possibility that the baby could very well be Steve/Jimmy/Jack’s. At this point Fiona is far from sure who the father is being that she slept with Steve/Jimy/Jack and Gus in the same day, but also found time to work her boss Shaun into the scenario.

How Gallagher pregnancies could play out

This could very well open the door for some very interesting possibilities. First of all for Steve’s chaotic return into Fiona’s life. Odds have it that Fiona will divorce Gus without telling him there is a remote chance he is going to be a father. The pressure will become too much for Shaun, who is having a difficult time dealing with his sobriety now anyhow and he will fall hard of  the wagon, resorting to his past heroin addiction.

“Shameless” predicted spoilers for season six could see the season winding down with of course Fiona in a huge who’s the daddy triangle while each of the men battle it out over Fi’s affection and paternity rights. Here are a couple exciting possibilities for spoiler scenarios. First off Fiona and Debbie are both pretty close in their pregnancies, and it would be in true Gallagher form if they both just happened to go into labor at the same time.

Steve enters back into Fiona’s life just as the baby is born, nd the chaos will lead up to a potential kidnapping. A stolen baby storyline would work well into the Shameless plot about now. Just as Fiona realizes that she does not have it in her to bail on her child the baby comes up missing, it could happen.

But who would steal the little Gallagher bundle? Fingers point to the obvious with Steve, who is mixed up with some pretty shady characters, but what about Gus, could he want to seek revenge on Fiona so badly that he takes off with the baby? Could Shaun become so engrossed in his addiction that he  puts Fiona’s child in danger with his drug dealers? So many possibilities to mull over. We then must not forget young Debbie’s impending arrival.

Odds are that two babies will not be brought into the Gallagher’s already over crowded home, so many fans are placing odds as to just which Gallagher female will, in fact, become a mother this could lead to  miscarriage, stillborn and or the disappearance of the littlest Gallagher famil member.

A possible for miscarriage or stillborn is not out of the question especially for Debs, who is still very young. Then again Derck could have a change of heart for Debbie and his child making room for a potential shotgun wedding/ teen parent hardship story. Sadly, we also must remember Debbie does have Frank in her corner, a frightening thought. With Frank anything is possible and you might look forward to seeing Frank attempt to profit off of Deb’s circumstances perhaps by marrying her off to a potential lonely, but wealthy man, or even suggesting, or selling the baby or babies on the black market.

However this Gallagher double pregnancy story ends up one thing is for sure there will be massive family dysfunction, a lot of laughs and even a few tears as season six pushes toward’s it season six finale. Do not worry though, Showtime is not planning on ending the Gallagher’s story anytime soon. Fans can take comfort in knowing that Showtime has renewed “Shameless” for a seventh season which will allow for ton’s more dysfunction and chaos on the Southside in the near future.

Do you think Debbie and Fiona will both become mothers, or will something dreadful take place involving one, or both of the Gallagher family’s newest members? Be sure to tune in to share in the crazy that is  Shameless  on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

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