Shameless spoilers: Will Chucky get his revenge on Carl?

Shameless fans watched on Showtime Sunday night with amusement and shock once again as the Gallaghers and friends find their lives in complete turmoil once again. As if two impending Gallagher pregnancies were not enough to deal with, they are also facing eviction from their family home.

The sheriff’s department left a 72-hour eviction notice on the door and the family, mostly Fiona attempted to save the home. Finding out that thanks to their Shameless and nasty uncle Patrick their rental home is in foreclosure, Shaun talks Fiona into going to the bank to see about buying the home. To Fiona’s  surprise after some extensive paperwork and finagling on her part to come up with the deposit she is granted a $100,000 loan to attempt to buy the home at the auction. Her attempts failed drastically as she was left devastated after being outbid past her loan amount.

Will Fiona and her Shameless crew find themselves homeless?

Now the family must make some quick decisions about their housing situation, or it looks as if they will become homeless real fast. That is not the Gallagher’s only issue at this time, Debs is still planning on having her baby, Fiona is still planning on having an abortion and the children’s services has just unloaded a recently released from juvie Chucky on the family.



Carl, the up, and coming gangster, however, is making plans to get rid of his enemy and nephew Chuckie, the first thing that comes to his mind he tells Fiona he plans to stick a shiv in Chuckie’s neck.

Who gets revenge Carl, Chucky, or both?

Fi nixes Carl’s shiv plans and tells the family that Chucky will be staying with them until they find another family member, any family member to take in the Swastika  tatted teen. Carl is not taking this news well and it looks as if  these two will engage in their own personal war. Someone looks as if they will have a very unpleasant time of it.

Odds point to Carl making Chucky’s life with the Gallaghers a living hell, but we have a feeling that Chucky may have learned a few tricks himself at juvie. We are sure that this story will prove to be amusing, and alarming at the same time, and one if not both could end up right back in juvie. We are also looking forward to the return of Sammie, who will also be looking to get some good Gallagher revenge in of her own.

Do you believe there will be a Gallagher family showdown coming soon on Shameless, who do you believe will be the most dysfunctional and devious? Shameless airs Sunday nights on Showtime at 9 p.m.

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