‘Sex and The City’ Reboot Coming To HBO?

Sex and The City returning to HBO in new reboot?

‘Sex and The City’ might be returning to HBO for a revival series!

Is there a “Sex and The City” reboot in the works at HBO? Fans are totally freaking out about the possibility of Carrie Bradshaw,  Samantha Jones, Charlotte York, and Miranda Hobbs returning for more.

According to Hollywood Life, actress Kim Catrall, who played the wild Samantha on “Sex and The City,” hinted that she may be back in action as Sam in the near future. However, there’s a twist. Many fans believe that the “Sex and The City” reboot won’t featured all the girls, but will be a spin-off featuring the character of Samantha. “Can’t WAIT 2 get back 2 the serious business of making u all laugh! Fingers x’d,” Cattrall tweeted.

Sex and The City returning to HBO in new reboot?

Fans are excited about a possible ‘SATC’ revival! 

As many “Sex and The City” fans know, the show ended its run on HBO in 2004, but followed the series finale with two featured films. The last time fans saw Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda together was on the big screen in 2010. However, actress Sarah Jessica Parker has hinted multiple times about the real possibility of a third film.

“I will say that the idea [for a SATC revival,] it rests in the butler’s pantry. Not on the table, but somebody is holding it fairly nearby.” SJP revealed. “I don’t think any of us have said no. I don’t know whether it’s a series or the movie. I think that remains an open question and discussion that will continue until it’s been resolved. I think that’s always a possibility, definitely.”

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