Prince: Potent painkillers found in singer’s system at time of death

Prince treated for drug overdose week before death.

Prince’s death reveals new details and more sad news surrounding the singer’s death. Power painkillers were found in Prince’s system at the time of his death.

New reports reveal that the powerful prescription painkiller Percocet was found in the “Purple Rain” hitmaker’s system at the time of his death. Prince Rodgers Nelson, who died two weeks ago today after being found unconscious in his Paisley Park compound at the age of 57. An autopsy was conducted by Chief Medical Examiner A. Quinn Strobl the day after, April 22, and according to Minneapolis’ 5 Eye Witness News, “the potent painkiller Percocet was found in Prince’s system.”

Powerful painkillers found in Prince’s system at death

The drug Percocet contains oxycodone and acetaminophen showed up in Prince’s system, according to sources.  5 Eyewitness News is working to determine the exact amount of drugs detected, whether a doctor prescribed them, or if Prince got the drugs another way.

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TMZ reports that Minnesota law enforcement “is looking at 3 possible abuses… multiple doctors who overprescribed meds aliases the singer and his doctors may have used, and multiple pharmacies that filled the prescriptions.” Since the singer’s unexpected death several theories pertaining to the singer’s death have been circulating.

Elvis, Michael Jackson and now Prince, all gone thanks to prescription drugs

One theory states that the singer was suffering from Aids at the time of his death and had been severely ill and wasting away from Aids-related complications for the past several months. Prince was also reported to have had a dangerously low red blood count, was scheduled to meet with a renowned addiction treatment specialist, Dr. Howard Kornfeld, the day before he was found unconscious.

The Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Attorney’s office in Minnesota are currently assisting the local authorities in the investigation, although Reuters reports “the cause of Prince’s death remained undetermined. The medical examiner’s office said in late April the autopsy and toxicology results could take weeks.”

Prince death theories have been flooding the internet many with slightly different angels, but one common factor drugs. Unfortunately for music fans, this is not the first time they have had to face the loss of a great entertainer way before their time at the hands of those closest to them. Elvis Presley  fell to his death after suffering an addiction to prescription drugs for many years. Michael Jackson, the same, and now Prince.  Popular speculation is that these three great entertainers did not have to die at such early ages, they died at the hands of those they trusted most… their personal physicians.

What are your thoughts, do you believe Prince’s doctors are responsible for the singer’s death?

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