‘Orange Is The New Black’: Everything You Need To Know Before Season 4

Orange Is The New Black” is officially back this week on Netflix, and even though it will only be Season 4 of the show, so much has already happened, that it’s easy to forget.

‘Orange Is The New Black’: Everything You Need To Know Before Season 4

So, we’re here to help. We’re reminding you of EVERYTHING you need to know before “Orange Is The New Black” Season 4 is released on Friday, June 17. [WARNING: Adult Content Below!]

Season 1: “OITNB” really starts off with a bang when fans meet Piper, who is set to due serious prison time for a crime she committed 10 years prior. This totally messes up the nice, cushy life that Piper has created for herself, but is ready to handle whatever prison may throw at her. Check out the video recap below for more!

Season 2: ‘Orange Is The New Black’ sophomore season was even crazier than the first. New characters are introduced, Piper actually gets to leave prison to attend her grandmother’s funeral, and she finds out that her fiance and best friend are hooking up! Watch the video recap below for more.

Season 3: ‘Orange Is The New Black’ is a huge hit by now, and everyone is eagerly awaiting Season 3. A hot new inmate, baby drama, relationship issues, and major drug busts take over this season, and left fans waiting an entire year for Season 4. Watch the recap video below.

Season 4: Fans have been looking for “Orange Is The New Black” Season 4 spoilers. Not a lot has been revealed, but judging from the trailer, Piper may be in more danger than ever as she’s angered her fellow prisoners. New C.O.’s are on the way, and they are brutal, and a new inmate, a celebrity chef, causes quite the stir. Check out the trailer below.

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