O.J. Simpson To Confess To Murdering Nicole Brown & Ronald Goldman?

Will O.J. Simpson finally confess to the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown and her friend Ronald Goldman? Rumor has it that there’s a good chance O.J. could confess to committing the crime that he was acquitted of back in 1995.

O.J. Simpson To Confess To Murder?

According to the NY Daily News, O.J. Simpson’s former friend and police officer Ron Shipp, believes that the former football great will likely confess to the gruesome murders once he’s released from prison.

Shipp reveals that Simpson is in torment, and that if he were to confess then he could likely feel much better about himself.

“The guy is in total torment today,’ Shipp said. ‘Someone told me he is 300 pounds and he looks horrible. O.J. has always felt his appearance meant everything and now, deep down inside, he is starting to live with himself.”

Why An O.J. Confession Wouldn’t Send Him To Jail

O.J. Simpson is currently in prison serving time for armed robbery. O.J. is up for parole in 2017, and many believe that he could get it as he’s allegedly been a model prisoner. However, since the story of the murders has been thrust back into the media, thanks largely in part to the TV series “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story,” that aired on FX.

If O.J. Simpson were to confess to the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman he could not be tried and jailed for the crimes under the double jeopardy law. The law states that a person can not be tried for the same crime twice, and since O.J. was already tried and acquitted for the murders, a confession wouldn’t do anything but give the victim’s families closure and validation.

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