O.J. Simpson: Blood Stained Knife Found Buried On His Property!

O.J. Simpson: Did Robert Kardashian conceal evidence?

So, this is crazy! O.J. Simpson’s former estate, where he lived at the time of the Nicole Brown/Ronald Goldman murders has turned up a blood stained knife that was buried in the ground on the property.

O.J. Simpson Murder Weapon Found?!

Besides the shocking fact that the possible O.J. Simpson murder weapon may have been found, the story about the bloody knife’s retrieval is even more insane!

A construction worker who was working on O.J. Simpson’s former estate found the knife buried in the ground and turned it over to a police officer who was working a movie set across the street from Simpson’s former home. However, the officer didn’t rush it to be tested. Instead, he took it home with him…for years!

There is no confirmed date about when the knife was found, but TMZ has been hearing that it could have been as early as 1998, which was only 3 years after the controversial not guilty verdict was handed down to O.J. Simpson.

The knife, which is said to be a folding buck knife, was kept by the now retired police officer, and recently the man called a friend of his as the LAPD in hopes of getting the O.J. Simpson murder case DR (Department Record) number so that he could have the knife engraved and framed. (Can you believe this guy?)

Of course the LAPD were furious when they found out that the possible Nicole Brown-Simpson/Ronald Goldman murder weapon had been found and kept from them for years. They immediately ordered the retired police officer to bring the knife to them so that it could be tested for evidence such as blood, hair and fingerprints.

This current investigation is being kept as secret as possible, although the cat’s been let out of the bag now, as the LAPD are reportedly embarrassed that this possible murder weapon has been kept from them for so long, and by one of their own.

O.J. Simpson mugshot: Did he kill Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman?

What Does This Mean For O.J. Simpson?

So, what does this mean for O.J. Simpson? Well, even if his DNA is all over the knife along with Nicole and Ronald’s DNA there is absolutely no way that the former football great could ever be prosecuted again for the murders under the Double Jeopardy law, which states that a person can not go to trial more than once for the same crime. However, since O.J. was found not guilty the murder the investigation is still open.

This means that if someone else’s fingerprints or DNA were to be found on the knife, possibly someone who had helped O.J. commit the murders or dispose of the weapon and cover it up, that person could be in very big trouble. If this knife is the weapon it would offer a very interesting insight into this decades old case that still haunts the country to this day.

Meanwhile, fans have been sucked right back in to the O.J. Simpson murder trial madness in part because of the FX drama “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story,” which has been documenting the murders and trial of Simpson, along with detailing the events in the lives of the major players of the case such as O.J. himself, Robert Kardashian, Robert Shapiro, Johnnie Cochran, Marcia Clark, and others.

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