Netflix Password Sharing A Federal Crime?

13 Reasons Why trailer released by Netflix.

Netflix users you could commit a federal crime by doing just one tiny little thing, share your passwords. Netflix is one of the most popular streaming sites known to man these days. Millions of people use it to stream their favorite television shows and movies daily. Many also share their passwords with family and friends, and this may very well be a serious crime soon.

Netflix crimespree, are you comitting a crime?

Ah, Netflix the streaming site that can turn a normal TV junkie into a couch potato and a criminal all in the blink of an eye. Admit it most of us are guilty of binge watching. It is a normal activity these days, and who wouldn’t want to turn their family and friends onto the joys of Netflix? It begins by being kind, you share your password with your bestie so you can chat about the latest season of “Orange Is the New Black, great show by the way!

Then the unthinkable happens, okay that is a little dramatic, but they tell two friends, and they tell two friends and before you know several people are using one Netflix account. This is where the trouble could soon begin. New reports reveal that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has recently ruled that sharing of passwords could be considered a federal crime.

The offense could be listed under the Computer Abuse and Fraud Act. Yikes! As if people do not already have enough rules and laws to follow we might have to add this one to our lists. However, the language used in the CFAA is fairly vague but just clear enough that it could come back to haunt us if they really want to push it.


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How will Netflix handle password sharers?

At this time Netflix offers two streaming plans to chose from. The $8.99 soon to rise plan for two, and the $11.99 plan which allows four devices to stream at once per household. If this password sharing thing becomes a serious offense Netflix could find their subscribership falling to other streaming sites that are a bit more lenient.

In this economy it is no wonder that people get together to share passwords being as frugal as possible, So password sharing may be something you really want to consider before you do it. A little bump in price maybe,but a federal offense is just too much. How do you feel about this potential Netflix crime spree?

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