‘Modern Family’ Spoilers: Haley To Have A Baby?

Modern Family spoilers: Is Haley having a baby?

Is the “Modern Family” getting even bigger? Spoilers for the show reveal that Haley may be having a baby of her own in the future.

‘Modern Family’ Spoilers: Will Haley Have A Baby?

According to The TV Page, “Modern Family” creator and executive producer, Christopher Lloyd, says there have veen seeral talks about the character of Haley, played by Sarah Hyland, possibly have a baby.

“We have discussed it. It is not at all unthinkable that that would happen in the course of the series. If we can find the right sort of launch pad for that, it would definitely be something we would consider.  It would be fun.”

“We have had the most fun on the show with parents dealing with the problems of kids and kids problems sort of setting off problems for the parents themselves.  So to sort of restock the pantry would not be a terrible idea.”

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Another Member Of The ‘Modern Family’ On The Way?

Fans have watched Haley grow and mature along with the rest of the Dunphy children over the past 8 seasons of “Modern Family,” but is she ready to become a mother? It would be interesting to see Haley go through the exact same situation that her own mother and family, Claire and Phil, went through at a young age.

If Haley does get pregnant, then “Modern Family” fans would love to see her have that baby with Andy, her current boyfriend. Andy, played by the hilarious Adam Devine, has become a favorite character among fans of the show, and reminds them of a younger version of Haley’s own father, the goofy, but lovable Phil Dunphy.

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