Lindsay Lohan Pregnant: Caught Drinking, Smoking & More

Lindsay Lohan reportedly pregnant and caught smoking and drinking.

Lindsay Lohan, who announced she was pregnant in a new deleted tweet, certainly seems to be taking many unnecessary risks during her pregnancy, which was also confirmed by her father, Michael Lohan.

Pregnant Lindsay Lohan Putting Her Baby In Danger?

According to OK Magazine, Lindsay Lohan, who is sporting a noticeable baby bump, was photographed recently on a boat while smoking cigarettes and drinking beer.

On another outing, LiLo, who is currently vacationing in Italy, was seen jumping off a yacht into the water. It seems that if Lindsay is, in fact, pregnant, that she may be putting her unborn baby at risk with her choices. reports that smoking during pregnancy can increase the baby’s risk of many birth defects, including cleft lip, cleft palate, and clubfoot. Babies who mother’s smoked during pregnancy are also at a higher risk for sudden infant death syndrome, or “SIDS.”

Lindsay Lohan Taking Unnecessary Risks During Alleged Pregnancy

Meanwhile, alcohol is just as dangerous for an unborn baby. The CDC reveals that the alcohol in the mother’s blood passes to the baby and that can cause a miscarriage, still birth, as well as “lifelong physical, behavioral, and intellectual disabilities.”
If Lindsay Lohan is pregnant, can she get her act together enough to become a responsible mother? Smoking and drinking while pregnant is unacceptable in the eyes of most, and fans have already begun to speak out about it online. Hopefully, Lindsay will heed the warnings if she is carrying a child.

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